Philosophical problems of science and technology (Медведев В.А.)

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О курсе

Перечень образовательных программ, для которых используется курс
09.04.03 ИТ-инновации в бизнесе
Описание условий освоения курса

The course is subjected to topical problems of scientific and technical development of a modern society. It overlooks structure of a science and gives students an idea of scientific knowledge. It helps them to grasp the concept of science and technology, to understand main trends and risks of scientific and technical development. The course develops student's culture of thinking and professional ethics, helps them to discover some cultural foundations of their activity as scientists and engineers.

Directions and training programs:

-           Business Informatics (program "International electronic business";

-           Applied Informatics (program “It innovations in the business”, “Applied Informatics in analytical and computational economy”).

Forms of education:

-         full-time, part-time, correspondence.

Technologies and techniques of training:

1. Traditional and distance learning technologies.

2. Mixed technology for students of full-time study.

3. Independent study of the course and individual modules.

4. Organization of the simultaneous learning of multiple disciplines in computer class.

5. The organization of regular interaction with students in the learning process through e-learning system "HyperMethod" and using synchronous and asynchronous mode of communication with the student. Gradual and successive formation of educational activities with elements of problem and project-based learning is supposed.

Владелец курса
Уральский федеральный университет имени первого Президента России Б.Н.Ельцина
Описание результатов обучения

As a result of learning the discipline students have to:

KNOW contemporary level, main trends and problems of scientific and technological development of modern society;

BE ABLE to analyze parameters of the scientific world-outlook;

DEMONSTRATE skills and experience to work with scientific worldviews on the basis of knowledge about contemporary scientific and technological level of modern civilization.